Samuel Gutierrez

Samuel Gutierrez

Samuel Gutierrez is a scientist working at Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) and at the same time getting his Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of New Mexico. His dissertation will cover methods for dynamically accommodating thread-level heterogeneity in coupled parallel applications.

At LANL, he is in the Computer, Computational, and Statistical Sciences Division.

“Our group is described as ‘the vanguard for scientific simulations at extreme scale through the co-design of applications, algorithms, and architectures,’” Gutierrez explained.  “At a high level this means that our group is responsible for conducting and backing, via our collaborations, research and development in CS, and then applying those findings to software engineering efforts used in the computational sciences, for example, computational physics. The ‘applied’ in ‘Applied Computer Science’ means that we invent or adapt methods in the CS domain and apply them to parallel and distributed applications that model systems of interest. My team does this by researching and developing new or improved ways to program parallel applications. Our aim is to make programming supercomputers a bit easier for domain scientists.”

Gutierrez’s research is primarily focused on the design and construction of low-level software runtime systems that allow parallel and distributed programs to run more efficiently on supercomputers.

Gutierrez is from the northern New Mexico village of El Pueblo. He attended New Mexico Highlands University in nearby Las Vegas, NM, where he received his bachelor of science degree magna cum laude in Computer Science in 2006. He received his master’s degree at UNM in 2009. Professor Dorian Arnold is his advisor.

His wife, Jessica, a computer and information security specialist, is from Las Vegas and the couple recently became the parents of a baby boy, Andres.