Hooman Rokham

Hooman Rokham

Hooman Rokham is currently pursuing his Ph.D. in the University of New Mexico Department of Computer Science, concentrating on cyber security and machine learning. He is currently working with Patrick Bridges and Jedidiah Crandall on whole-system dynamic information flow tracking system and whole system analyses. He is a member of Scalable Systems Lab at UNM. Hooman is interested in applying machine learning to advance cyber security analytics and working with data and doing analytics.

A native of Tehran, Iran, Hooman has some experience in the field of networks and security in enterprise companies for a few years, he decided to continue his education to follow his heart. Hooman also received his master’s degree in computer science from UNM in 2017.

His wife Haleh is also Ph.D. student in computer science department at UNM. They both are partial to highly interdisciplinary research and are enjoying their program at UNM.

Hooman published a paper called Web Users Clustering Analysis, co-authored by Haleh, in the International Journal of Computer Science and Information Security.

 Outside of work, his non-academic interests are playing guitar, video games, football, tennis, billiards, and hiking.