MS Core Requirements

In addition to all Office of Graduate Studies requirements for the master’s degree, the department also requires the following:

  1. Thirty-two semester hours of approved graduate courses
  2. At least 2 semester hours of CS 592 (2. Colloquium), taken at the University of New Mexico.
  3. At least 26 of the 32 hours must be in courses offered by the Computer Science Department at the 500 level or above. Students graduating under Plan I must take a minimum of 6 hours of CS 599 and submit an acceptable thesis. Only 6 hours of CS 599 may be counted toward the 32 hours.
  4. Completion of a minimum of two courses from each category below:
    1. Mathematical methods — CS 500, 530, 550, 558, 561.
    2. Empirical methods — CS 512, 522, 523, 527, 529, any course in complex adaptive systems (contact department for a list of acceptable courses).
    3. Engineering/System Building methods – CS 544, 554, 564, 580, 585, 587.
  5. Passing the master’s examination. For Plan I students, the master’s examination is the defense of thesis. For Plan II students, the master’s examination is an oral examination demonstrating mastery of the core areas above.