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Subversion is available but you must set up subversion before you can use it.


The UNMWIRELESS-WPA network is currently under review, and is not guaranteed to be available. The unencrypted UNMWIRELESSwireless network is available. It’s configured to block all non-secure email traffic including POP, IMAP, and SMTP, as well as blocking Windows filesharing ports. An increasing number of ISPs support SSL mail connections: those that don’t typically offer webmail that uses SSL.

However, anyone requiring high levels of security should not use the UNMWIRELESSnetwork, or consider using an SSH tunnel. Here’s a walkthrough for Windows users. Anyone using this set up with Firefox, Mozilla, or Thunderbird may find the SwitchProxy extension useful.

Note that you must use your UNM NetID to authenticate before you will be allowed to use the UNMWIRELESS network. Any changes to your computer that don’t allow the wireless network gateway to act as a DNS server may make it impossible to be forwarded to the login page. This can include things like installing your own DNS server such as treewalk on a Windows computer. Also, if you have your browser set to a blank home page, you will need to go to a web page so you can be forwarded to the log in page.

Playing Nice with Others

In the computer lab in Farris 309, DO NOT xlock the consoles! If you need to use a locked console, press Control-Alt-Backspace to kill the session, which will allow you to log in.

If you need to run a long-running job, check out the Sun Grid Engine (SGE) site for the proper way to schedule a long-running job. In any case, you must checkpoint your programs properly: there are no guarantees that a long-running job will complete.

Don’t Shutdown: In a related noted, please do not disconnect or shutdown the computers in the lab. Many users are connecting remotely, so even if no one is sitting at a computer it may be in use.

Night Access

The computer lab in Farris room 309 is open 7AM to 7PM, Monday through Friday. You can contact the CS department office during normal business hours for building and the computer lab access after hours. A valid LoboID card is required.

Emailing Support Your Mac Address

Going to use your computer on our wired network? Email us your MAC Address at -