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Outstanding computer science students honored by School

May 8, 2019

Several students in the Department of Computer Science were honored May 3 at the School of Engineering 2019 Annual Awards, held in the Centennial Engineering Center Courtyard.

Honored students were:

Brandon Stringham

Brandon Stringham, Outstanding Sophomore

An exceptional student, Brandon has nearly a GPA of 4.3 and received a rare A+ in the rigorous five-credit accelerated CS 259 (Data Structures in Java). Outside of school, Brandon is a software engineer at Net Medical Xpress Solutions Inc., where he gets to work on their web-based telemedicine platform. An avid outdoorsman, Brandon also has his student pilot license and enjoys flying whenever the opportunity presents itself.


Alyshia Bustos, Outstanding Junior

An outstanding junior, Alyshia goes above and beyond in a lot of ways. She is currently a software developer intern for Bohannan Huston (where she created their internal networking system) and last year she interned for Northrop Grumman. She has an outstanding record of service activities, including tutoring, co-organizing the computer science student conference in 2018, serving as the undergraduate lead of the Departmental National Center for Women in Information Technology and Women in Computing, as well as participating in the design of a new mentoring program in the computer science department. She has also been recognized as the most active member of the Society of Women Engineers at UNM.


Anna Carey, Outstanding Senior

When she’s not hard at work on her honors thesis on making a mobile game interface for molecular docking, Anna has found time to secure 5 A+’s in computer science courses, serves as the undergraduate representative on the Department of Computer Science Advisory Board and will be graduating with a GPA of over 4.1. When not deeply involved with school, Anna makes a point of trying to enrich her community, including weekly volunteer work in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints as a teacher and doing further community outreach.


Jeremy Benson, Outstanding Graduate Student

As a computer science Ph.D. student and lead computer scientist at VisionQuest Biomedical, Jeremy’s work is often published in in top computer science and medical venues – and his ongoing work is in deploying large scale machine learning solutions for organizations in telemedicine in the U.S., Mexico, South America, and Africa. In addition, his work has led to the invention of two patents (pending). In 2018, he co-organized the machine learning workshop for the first U.S.-based joint conference of the World Engineering Education Forum, and the first workshop on biomedical and medical imaging at The University of Texas at El Paso.


Simon Spangenberg, Robert (Bob) Veroff Scholarship

A former pro soccer player, we are extremely fortunate that Simon came from Belgium to be on our team (both our Lobo men’s soccer team and here in computer science). Aside from his athletics and regular volunteering, he has been an invaluable aide to our faculty’s research and has pursued his own research into the cryptocurrency and fraud ecosystem. A senior boasting a 4.2 GPA, Simon has twice been selected for the Google Cloud Academic All-America® Division.