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Human-Like Cognitive Models as a Basis for Cognitive Systems

December 9, 2003

Date: Tuesday, December 9th
Time: 11am-12:15pm
Location: Woodward 149
J Chris Forsythe, (email) Sandia National Laboratories Abstract: This presentation will summarize an ongoing program of research and development at Sandia National Laboratories focused on development of cognitive systems technologies. The approach being taken is unique in its emphasis on a neurologically-inspired, psychologically plausible computational model of human cognition. This model will be briefly discussed, as well as the process by which the model has been designed so as to justify claims for psychological plausibility. The presentation will also address cognitive system concepts that utilize this modeling framework. One example employs a real-time model of an operator to enable detection of potential errors and facilitate error recovery. A second example utilizes expert cognitive mdoels for surveillance of data sources and includes features in which individual models may collaborate with one another. Finally, there will be discussion of current efforts concerned with automated knowledge capture and development of an individualized digital aide.