Welcome to New Mexico Computer Science for All!

NM CS4ALL introduces computer science to high school students across the state of New Mexico.

NM CS4ALL was developed through a partnership between University of New Mexico, Irene Lee of the Santa Fe Institute, and school districts across New Mexico. NM CS4ALL was founded in 2012 with funding from the National Science Foundation's Computing Education for the 21st Century program. With the first CS4ALL course in the nation, NM is positioned for success in education that prepares students for the digtially-integrated world.

By partnering with schools and offering facilitators professional development in Computer Science we have reached over 800 high school students across the state. The course also gives students UNM college credit by offering a hybrid course (UNM CS108L). Contact us to make a donation to help this transformative program reach more NM students.

Course Materials UNM Dept. of Computer Science

NM CS4ALL/UNM CS108L is now offered as a core course
fulfilling the Area 3 Physical and Natural Science
requirement for UNM students.


obama press release

Racial and Gender Gaps in Computer Science Learning - A new survey by Google and Gallup shows differences in access to CS education and encouragement to pursue CS by race and gender, Oct 18, 2016.

The K-12 Computer Science Framework comes at a time when our nation's education systems are adapting to a 21st century vision of students who are not just computer users but also computationally literate creators who are proficient in the concepts and practices of computer science, October 2016.

NM CS4ALL brings computational problem solving to New Mexico's students and teachers - UNM Newsroom, March 2016. "CS for All empowers students to create in the digital economy, and it provides pathways into science and engineering for students who have been underrepresented in those fields."

Las Cruces, New Mexico should launch a moonshot effort to achieve 100 percent computer science literacy among graduating high school seniors by 2020, March 2016.

President Obama announced a four billion dollar Computer Science For All Initiative to accelerate CSeducation in K-12 by training teachers, expanding access to high-quality instructional materials, and building effective regional partnerships, January 2016.

UNM Introduces New STEM Course - KRQE's Amy Walker, February 2015. "The University of New Mexico has been making a big push to get young students interested in fields related to the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) classes."

Turning tiny robots into student recruiters - UNM's Karen Wentworth, April 2015.

Program touts UNM for course in Computer Science - Albuquerque Journal's Mike Bush, February 2015.

Four NM Teachers Honored at White House - Santa Fe Institute, December 2014.

NM CS4ALL Overview

Computational modeling

NM CS4ALL has a unique focus on teaching computer programming through modeling and simulation in addition to core Computer Science principles. Students learn how to apply CS skills to address real-world problems in STEM disciplines.

Dual credit

Students receive simultaneous high school and university (UNM) credit for NM CS4ALL.

Access for all

Our hybrid course matches online content from UNM with high school facilitators leading hands-on Computer Science programming in high school classrooms. In contrast to many other programs, NM CS4ALL is designed to teach Computer Science to all high school students and is not limited to AP students, in excellent alignment with the new national initiative.

Scalability and professional development for facilitators

NM CS4ALL facilitators complete the companion UNM professional development course, which gives them the skills to mentor CS4All students in the classroom. Community building partnerships engage facilitators who integrate NM CS4ALL into school districts across NM.


CS4all Students


CS4all Students

Dr. Melanie Moses, Associate Professor of CS at UNM
and Lead Instructor

Shannon McCoy-Hayes, Program Assistant

Have questions? Interested in collaborating?
Please contact us at cs4all@cs.unm.edu


NetLogo is a core tool for engaging students and developing the ideas central to CS4ALL.

Participating Schools and Districts


The creation of this course is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant No. CNS-1240992, the Computer Science Department of the University of New Mexico, and the Santa Fe Institute.

University of New Mexico National Science Foundation Santa Fe Institute

We would also like to thank Hartman Publishing for their generous support.

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