Printer names indicate their room number in Farris. The printer fec309 is in Farris Engineering room 309.

All printers print duplex by default. Adding an “s” to the end of the printer queue will print single-sided. For example, lpr -Pfec309s will print single-sided on the black and white printer in Farris 309, while lpr -Pfec309 will print duplex.

There is a poster printer that is 42 inches wide. Paper is available in 24, 36, and 42 inch width. Talk to the systems folks first so they can load the right paper and give you the right settings and queue name—some of the defaults can be non-intuitive. It’s located in the System room, FEC 307, next door to the elevator.

Print Queue Name Specification DPI Capabilities
fec309 HP LaserJet 4250 1200 Double or Single sided
fec309c HP LaserJet 8550DN 600 Color; Double or Single sided
fec309color Xerox Phaser 8550DT 2400 Color; Double or Single sided; Postscript Level 3
fec335 HP LaserJet 2100 600 Double or Single sided (8½ x11″ or 11×17″)
fec307 HP LaserJet 4Si/MX 600 Double or Single sided
fec330 HP LaserJet 4M+ 600 Double or Single sided
fec345 HP LaserJet 4M+ 600 Double or Single sided
fec349 HP LaserJet 4000N 1200 Double or Single sided
coloringfool HP LaserJet 4500DN 600 Color; Single sided (restricted)
fec131 HP LaserJet 4050 600 Double or Single sided