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life forms

UNM researcher helping to develop software to distinguish life from non-life
June 10, 2019
In a famous song, George Harrison asked, “What is life?” Read More...

swarmathon photo of robots

Swarmathon covers Smith Plaza with robots
June 5, 2019
The fourth annualNASA Swarmathon was hosted by The University of Mexico in May, covering Smith Plaza with swarms of robots that look like the desert ants that live around Albuquerque. But these ants were busy gathering cubes and bringing them back to the center of an arena. Read More...

Brandon Stringham

Outstanding computer science students honored by School
May 8, 2019
Several students in the Department of Computer Science were honored May 3 at the School of Engineering 2019 Annual Awards, held in the Centennial Engineering Center Courtyard. Read More...

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